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Larry Grubb Wilderness Wonderings


I prepare this book of my personal journey of transformation into that which I feel God gifted me within this life. First, I share them in an effort to keep my own fire burning; if another may gain profit, thank our Source! And second, I share this because of what I profoundly believe. If another finds aid in it, I humbly share it, with the realization that these are the thoughts that came to me in the wilderness.

I do not claim them for my own—only as “gifts for the journey.” I share these humble thoughts, not for accolades, but thinking that perhaps some of them may stimulate thought and action in others, as they certainly did in me! —L.G.

Are you in need of redemption? Transformation? A soul-level re-boot? If you can’t get to the wilderness, let Wilderness Wonderings bring the secrets of finding this special brand of stillness to you. Within this transformative reflection on connecting with the stillness deep within us all, you’ll find the key to unlocking patterns of unhealthy stress, along with ideas and inspiration for making simple changes to bring peace to your inner chaos.

After a lifetime spent ministering to the needs of others, Larry Grubb decided it was his turn. So, he packed up his bags, kissed his family goodbye, and headed to the remote north woods of Maine – alone – for a three-month odyssey to reconnect with his own spirit – and the spirit of God within him surrounded by the healing balm of the natural world.

From hours spent tending his daily campfire, to walks in the woods and thoughtful observations of nature, Larry models listening for the nudges of Spirit for daily guidance. Contemplating the struggles and realities of achieving this inner stillness, Larry teaches as he learns the essentials of getting quiet, kindling awareness, and fueling the presence of God that resides, quietly, within us all.

Confirming his suspicion that if he wanted to keep his own spiritual fire burning, he was going to have to learn how to listen in a new way. Larry’s time in the woods was the beginning of a new understanding of how God speaks, moves, and works in our lives.